Purpose of the Promotion Committee

The job of the Promotion Committee is to PROMOTE downtown as the center of commerce, culture, and community life for residents and visitors alike. To be effective, your committee must move beyond the typical “tried-and-true” downtown  promotion ideas of yesteryear. You must think about promotion in a broader sense and develop new strategies by:

  • Understanding the changing market – both potential shoppers and your “competition”
  • Identifying downtown assets, including people, buildings, heritage, and institutions.
  • Defining Main Street’s market niche- it’s unique “position” in the marketplace.
  • Creating NEW image campaigns, retail promotions, and special events to lure people back downtown.

The first three activities above should be done in partnership with the Main Street organization’s board of directors and other committees. The fourth activity – creating new campaigns, promotions, and events- is the focus of the Promotion Committee.

Committee Responsibilities

The Promotion Committee’s responsibilities specifically include the following:

  • Direct retail promotions, traffic-building activity and image improvements for the downtown
  • Assume primary responsibility for defining the marketable image of the downtown and ensure continuity of that image in all downtown promotional programs
  • Monitor community and consumer perceptions of the downtown and seek to reverse negative attitudes and build on positive ones
  • Allocate funds for promotional activities in accordance with the Main Street program’s annual work plan and budget.
  • Work toward building new sources of funding for a portion of the program’s total annual budget
  • Monitor the effectiveness of promotional programs on an ongoing basis
  • Build strong network of volunteers to help implement promotional programs and establish good working relationships with community organizations, charities, school clubs and other groups that might participate in promotional activities
  • Work to ensure a consistent, high-quality image in signs, advertisements and other graphic material associated with the Main Street program
  • Establish a sound working relationship with local and regional media.

Committee Goals

The Promotion Committee works with the Town of Denton, the Main Street Manager, the Tourism office, local businesses, and property owners to facilitate a positive “image” of the Central Business District that will help retain, promote, and attract Downtown business. The Promotion Committee will attract visitors and residents to the district and encourage them to spend money and time in our Main Street community by selling the DDMS brand through advertising, brochures, in-store collaborative promotions, direct marketing, newsletters, website, and press releases. The Promotion Committee will focus on Board approved signature events such as the annual Denton Spring Gala, Miracle on Market Street, and Denton Farmer’s Market.The Promotion Committee will develop a long term marketing plan.

Current Members

Individuals interested in joining the Committee are invited to attend a meeting as a guest, after which a follow up discussion with the Chair will determine if their skills/background are best suited to fill a vacant committee seat. A confirmation letter will be sent to new committee members that will include committee guidelines and orientation information.

Chair Sandy Hayman
Member Debby Dant
Member Susan Chambers
Member Annette Litteral
Member Carol Meers
Member Greg Eigenbrode
Member Janice Clere
Member Sherry Stoker
Member Vacant
Member Vacant
Member Vacant
Member Vacant

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings of the Promotion Committee are held monthly, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at 8:00am, at Color ‘n’ Clay, 224 Market Street in Denton.


Notice of the place, day, and hour of every regular and special meeting shall be given to each committee member by e-mail at least 2 days before the time set for the meeting.
At meetings a quorum shall consist of at least 3 committee members, present in person.
Decisions of the Promotion Committee are subject to approval by the Board and should be in keeping with the Board’s annual goals and priorities.
The Committee may discuss issues outside the context of a meeting by means of telephone, e-mail, or other communication.
Guests may attend Committee meetings by notifying the Committee Chair and should ask to be put on the agenda if they wish to address a particular issue.
All new members of the Promotion Committee shall participate in an orientation program familiarizing themselves with the goals and objectives of the Committee and the Organization.