Purpose of the Economic Restructuring Committee

The job of the Economic Restructuring Committee is to identify new market opportunities for the traditional commercial district, find new use for historic commercial buildings and stimulate investment in property. The Economic Restructuring Committee must develop a thorough understanding of the district’s economic condition and its best opportunities, focusing on incremental change that gradually improves the area’s economic foundation and eventually make large-scale investment possible. The Economic Restructuring Committee’s five major responsibilities are:

  • Learning about the district’s current economic condition and identifying opportunities for market growth
  • Strengthening existing businesses and recruiting new ones
  • Finding new economic uses for traditional Main Street buildings
  • Developing financial incentives and capital for building rehabilitation and business development
  • Monitoring the economic performance of the district

Committee Responsibilities

The Economic Restructuring Committee’s responsibilities specifically include the following:

  • Work to strengthen existing downtown businesses and, eventually to recruit additional businesses through the development of business assistance teams; sponsorship of business seminars; identification of downtown market opportunities; dissemination of relevant information to existing and potential businesses; development incentive programs to stimulate business growth
  • Monitor changes in the local market on an ongoing basis; assess the downtown’s market share within the community and the region; measure the involvement of various market groups in downtown commerce; monitor sales leakage or surplus; and assess the downtown’s mix of retail, commercial, residential, and civic space
  • Direct activity related to downtown commercial and real estate development
  • Allocate funds for downtown economic development activities in accordance with the Main Street program’s annual work plan and budget
  • Work toward building new sources of funding for a portion of the program’s total annual budget
  • Conduct and maintain a comprehensive inventory of downtown businesses
  • Become familiar with city, county and regional economic development strategies and coordinate projects when possible, utilizing economic development programs already in place and investigating the creation of new programs when appropriate
  • Promote the downtown as a good place for commercial and real estate development activity
  • Establish a sound working relationship with local and regional financial institutions, business assistance organizations and other businesses and agencies that provide assistance in areas related to downtown economic development.

Committee Goals

The Economic Restructuring Committee works with the Town of Denton, the Main Street Manager, local businesses, and property owners to facilitate economic initiatives of the DDMS program in order to retain, promote, and attract Downtown business investment. The Economic Restructuring Committee provides information and guidance for businesses to navigate local regulations, & acquire grants and low-interest loans. This committee also focuses on existing and new businesses, converting unused/under utilized space into economically productive property, boosting the profitability of the District & developing a long term economic development plan.

Current Members

Individuals interested in joining the Committee are invited to attend a meeting as a guest, after which a follow up discussion with the Chair will determine if their skills/background are best suited to fill a vacant committee seat. A confirmation letter will be sent to new committee members that will include committee guidelines and orientation information.

Chair Marina Dowdall
Member Debby Bennett
Member Ellis Davison
Member Robert Clendaniel
Member Ummu Bradley-Thomas
Member Melissa Leonard
Member Vacant
Member Vacant
TOD Liason Don Mulrine

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings of the Economic Restructuring Committee are held monthly, on the 2nd Thursday of the month, at 8:00am, at The Foundry, 401 Market Street in Denton.


Notice of the place, day, and hour of every regular and special meeting shall be given to each committee member by e-mail at least 2 days before the time set for the meeting.
At meetings a quorum shall consist of at least 3 committee members, present in person.
Decisions of the Economic Restructuring Committee are subject to approval by the Board and should be in keeping with the Board’s annual goals and priorities.
The Committee may discuss issues outside the context of a meeting by means of telephone, e-mail, or other communication.
Guests may attend Committee meetings by notifying the Committee Chair and should ask to be put on the agenda if they wish to address a particular issue.
All new members of the Economic Restructuring Committee shall participate in an orientation program familiarizing themselves with the goals and objectives of the Committee and the Organization.


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