DDMS Meeting Minutes

April 10, 2017

In Attendance: Steve, Lisa, Patti, Shirley, Nick, Annette

March minutes were approved.

Budget-Marina will email the budget to the board members.

A motion was made by Patti Wood to add Nick Iliff and Shirley Coulbourne as at large board members, the motion was seconded by Annette Litteral and all board members agreed.

Old Business

*Hanging Flower Baskets- Lisa informed the board that the Benedictine would charge 40.00 per basket, the total cost for 22 baskets would be $880.00, we discussed putting a planter with flowers by Jan Baker’s business on Fourth St. and one by Parlor 7 on Sixth St., we will obtain a price for planters, the amount budgeted for flowers is $1,500. Lisa will send an email regarding the cost of stickers on the planters. The baskets will be sponsored for 25.00 each and display the sponsor’s name, a motion was made by Patti Wood for DDMS to sponsor a basket, Nick seconded the motion, all board members agreed.

*Community Garden-Steve spoke with Gina from Atkins Arboritum and they may be able to help with community garden.

*Advertising in May and June review for Open Air Market, Cruise In, Third Thursday and Garden Gala, Patti made a motion to approve advertising, Shirley seconded the motion, all agreed.

*Advertising for Supper at Sunset, Trunk or Treat, Holiday Marketplace in review, total cost for advertising in the review would be $675.00, Patti made a motion to approve advertising, Shirley seconded the motion, all agreed.

*Cruise In- We discussed how DDMS could be involved in the Cruise Ins, we discussed purchasing dash plaques and trophies for $125.00 and purchasing two sets of game Can Jam for $19.99 each, Patti made a motion to purchase dash plaques, trophies and games, Nick seconded the motion, all agreed.

Design Committee

Rob is designing the walking map for the back of the Welcome Sign, we will also have a waterproof holder on the side of sign for tri-fold brochures, Rob is also working on drop down with a sleeve for interchangeable slide ins of events, Rob is also working on map revisions for Municipal lot and Provident State Bank maps, will attach a walking map, this will go over existing map and can be changed out, there will also be side boxes for tri-fold brochures listing businesses.


Esthetic Improvements

  1. Christmas wreaths for Market St.
  2. Brass Plaques on lampposts from old bridge, will price the cost of plaques and find a picture of

the old bridge, will discuss further at the next Design meeting.

  1. Purchase another bench to put in front of Pizza Empire.
  2. Steve will talk with Sue Simmons to see if lights for Summerfest can go up in July, August, Sept.
  3. Look at prices for a bike rack.
  4. Look into Walk Your city, signs go around posts and can advertise specific businesses.
  5. We will pay Rob up to $1,000 for sign design services, we have $2,000 in the budget for Welcome Sign. Annette motioned to pay Rob 1,000 for his design services, Steve seconded the motion, all agreed.
  6. DDMS has a new laptop.
  7. A motion was made to purchase new computer software costing 300.00 for Lisa, Shirley made a motion for DDMS to purchase computer software for 300.00, Nick seconded the motion, all agreed.

Promotions Committee

Christina is working on the final draft for the tri-fold brochure, once received, Steve will email to the board for review and approval. The cost would be 500.00 to print the brochures, Annette motioned for DDMS to spend 500.00 for printing costs of the brochure, Shirley seconded the motion, all agreed.

At the next DDMS meeting, the board will discuss ways to ask for grant money.

Meeting Dates

Promotions- May 2nd @ 9:00am

Design- May 4th @ 9:00am

DDMS-May 8th @ 8:30am