Featured Businesses: Edwards Driver Improvement Center & Edwards All Star Barbershop

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February's Business of the Month is actually two businesses run by a husband and wife team – Edwards Driver Improvement Center and Edwards All Star Barbershop. The businesses are very different but the dedication to excellence is the same! If you ever had a question about diversifying your business holdings, you'll be sure to want to read this interview by Sherry Perkins.

1. This is our first two-for-one interview so, let me ask about the benefit of having two small business owners in the same home. Do you find starting and maintaining a business easier because of it? Does it have its unique challenges?
We both find it easier with starting and maintaining both businesses and living in the same home because instead of having to call and arrange a business meeting with a co-owner, we have the advantage of discussing ideas and business strategies in the comfort of our own home--at anytime, day or night. The unique challenge of living in the same home is being able to work out any differences of opinion about the businesses and not allowing the situation to carry over into our personal lives.  

2. About the barber shop. You offer several services in addition to traditional services such as hair cuts -- facials, hot towel shaves, beard care and products. Do men seem to be taking advantage of facials and massages as much as they do cuts and shaves? 
The majority of our services are the traditional services. Facials and massages are not as popular as they once were; however, we still offer these services to clients. 

3. What's the one thing men most often neglect with their daily home hair or beard care?
Once we perform our services, it is important that every client maintains their haircut by brushing or combing their hair daily, which often gets neglected. It is also important to apply a hair moisturizer or pomade of some sort to keep the client's scalp from getting dry, and protecting the hair and scalp from the elements of the weather, especially this time of year when it's cold. 

4. About the Drivers Improvement Center. How did you determine there was a community need for a drivers improvement service? Could you talk about how entrepreneurs such as yourselves identify a project and develop it?
Before becoming Edwards Driver Improvement Center it was first Crossling Driver Improvement Center. The Crosslings previously owned the business and were only a few doors down from our barber shop. When the Crosslings decided to leave, customers would walk into the barber shop in search of the Driver Improvement Center. Since there was still a demand for this service, we decided to reopen the business. 

5. The Drivers Improvement Center provides courses in drivers improvement, alcohol and drug education, and for out of state drivers. Are these online or in-person courses? What is covered in the specific courses?
Both Driver Improvement and the 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Programs are MVA approved and are offered in-person or online. Our Driver Improvement Program is for drivers who have been referred by MVA after receiving 5-7 points on their Maryland driving record, drivers who have been ordered to attend through the court system, provisional/ permit holders who have received a moving violation as well as drivers who have received a revocation and wish to reinstate their Driver's License. In Driver Improvement we educate drivers about their driving record, unsafe or hazardous driving behaviors and safe driving. The 3-Hour Alcohol and Drug Education Program is available to drivers who currently possess an out-of-country license and wish to transfer to a Maryland Driver's License. In this program, participants are educated on safe driving behaviors, causes and consequences of impaired driving, and Maryland's laws regarding DWI'S(Driving while Impaired) and DUI's(Driving while Under the Influence). 

6. If you could do one thing over in your business life, what would it be and why?
We both agree that we would leave everything the same. Throughout our business adventures there have been challenges and also moments of glory. These things have allowed our businesses to grow and still be standing today. We try to be aware of the ever-changing needs of the community so we can maintain a business model that can accommodate everyone's barbering and driver educational needs. 

Edwards Driver Improvement Center
210 Market Street, Denton
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Edwards All Star Barbershop
217 Market Street, Denton
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