Museum of Rual Life in Denton the County Seat of Caroline County dipicts rural historical lifestyles.  Caroline County is one of only a handful of counties in the United States that existed for more than 300 years solely dependent on an agriculturally-based economy. This distinction along with its geography – it is land-locked – provided unique challenges for its seemingly isolated residents. The Museum of Rural Life offers visitors a rare glimpse into this world through historic dwellings. Highlights include an exhibit of all or part of four historic houses.  The Museum is open every Saturday through October.

Museum of Rural Life
16 N. 2nd Street, Denton, MD 21629
Sep 04, 2022
11:00 AM EDT to 4:00 PM EDT
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Museum of Rural Life
Oct 02, 2022
11:00 AM EDT
16 N. 2nd Street
Denton, MD 21629